FantasticStay vs Guesty PMS and Channel Manager

Guesty is а good software and it also does the job… at a very high price. At FantasticStay we don’t settle for good, we strive for excellence. And you can use it for FREE. If you need software that connects you to all major channels and sticks with you on every step of your journey to growth click to FantasticStay’s registration page or read below.

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Channels and channel management

  • Listing creation & management

    Your content sells. Your images sell. Your reviews sell. And all of this is dependent on your actual Ad, or Listing. You need an easy way to create listings on the fly for all platforms.

    FantasticStay offers you to push your listings to Airbnb,, HomeAway/VRBO family and Expedia instantly, plus fully edit and keep your listings and images up to date. And while Guesty can also take care of your listings, FantasticStay will do it for free.


  • HomeAway/VRBO family of websites

    The HomeAway / VRBO family gives your listings access to 70,000,000 travellers worldwide on a monthly basis. If your property is not there you are missing out on a huge revenue opportunity. Even though Guesty offers you this opportunity, it could be very costly.
    Fortunately, FantasticStay has one of the best connections in the world with the entire HomeAway Family and it is an official HomeAway trusted partner.

  • Calendar and rate management. Multi-calendar

    Guesty has a robust but pricey MultiCalendar. It has infinite listing numbers, bulk edit of rates for multiple listings and a variety of possible views on your availability and overall calendars. FantasticStay only has one MultiCalendar view with no bulk edits. On the positive side, we have the “Find My Availability” feature, which is useful for over the phone bookings. Guesty is the clear winner here. But if this is a deal-breaker for you, get in touch with us.

  • Invoicing, expenses and general reporting and accounting

    Guesty doesn’t have any offerings in that aspect. FantasticStay offers Zapier integration, so you can easily connect Xero, Quickbooks or any other popular 3rd party accounting service and track your revenue live, issue invoices and reconcile your expenses. Isn’t that awesome?

Channels and channel management

  • Reservation charges

    Some booking channels (OTAs) like, VRBO/HomeAway and Expedia require you, as a host and a property manager, to process payments on your side. This could be very confusing, time-consuming and also tricky to be tracked down.

    FantasticStay has a robust integration with Stripe with full payment capabilities: you can initiate a manual charge on any reservation (as long as you have the credit card details of the guest), create automatic charging rules for peace of mind and speed, pre-authorize (hold funds on guests card – either for a deposit or any additional services).

    Guesty also offers Auto Payments processing and integrations with Stripe.

  • Payment requests

    Unlike FantasticStay, Guesty doesn’t have the ability to send a manual payment request directly to the guests. This, however, can save you a lot of time and effort in cases of late check-out, early check-ins, etc. What is more, FantasticStay tracks whether your guests have paid already and sends them automated messages immediately after their payment, or simply a reminder if they forgot to do so.


  • Automated messaging

    Guesty helps you manage the communication flow with your guests and automatically sends them guiding messages…however, you should definitely pay for this feature! FantasticStay also has a powerful automation system, which allows you to use one of our templates or create an unlimited number of your own, for FREE. You can now take care of your guests at every step of their journey and stop worrying about how much this will cost you. And yes, it supports all major channels and mediums, including SMS text messaging and WhatsApp (available as a paid add-on).

  • Automatic guest reviews for Airbnb

    Both FantasticStay and Guesty realize the importance of saving time from writing repetitive content. Whether you need to leave a positive or a bad review – you can use FantasticStay’s robust automation system where you can use one of our templates or create an unlimited number of your own. Additionally, FantasticStay offers 100% control of this automation, so bad guests don’t receive 5-star reviews and comments.

  • Automatic List/Unlist

    Want to hide your listing from nosy neighbors? FantasticStay has the option to Snooze your listings on Airbnb for specified hours and days of the week. Want it to be gone during the weekend? Or to be visible only after work hours? We’ve got you covered again!


    Guesty offers this feature as well.

  • Automated payments

    FantasticStay gives full automation for your payments. You want to capture or hold a deposit? No issue. You want to charge your guests certain days before check-in, or after check-out? No worries.

    Guesty also has this super helpful feature.

  • Reviews

    Your guests’ thoughts matter and are critical for the success of your business. While FantasticStay offers a Review Dashboard feature, which compiles the incoming guest reviews for your listings across all connected Airbnb accounts, Guesty does not.

    Additionally, FantasticStay is working on adding and VRBO/HomeAway family reviews very soon! Stay tuned.

Mobile apps

  • Guesty is the clear winner

    They absolutely dominate over FantasticStay on this aspect. They offer native iOS / Android apps that look very good and have full functionality. We can’t speak about quality – we’ve never used the Guesty family of products ourselves, but we are impressed. Congrats, Guesty!


    On a positive note: – FantasticStay’s platform (FsApp) is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, via your mobile browser on any device. We don’t have native push notification capabilities, but we have an integration with a 3rd party service called PushBullet which resolves that.

    – FantasticStay just hired the biggest mobile development team in our industry. Let’s check our progress in a few months, shall we?

Website builder. Direct bookings

  • Website builder

    It seems like having a decent website builder can be very tough. Although we’re not very proud of our work there so far, we’re trying to get better soon. Looks like Guesty is still working on it, as well.

Owner portal

  • Owner login

    FantasticStay has robust owner login and information available. Share the important metrics of any property’s performance to its respective owner, at your discretion.

    You are in control. Guesty also offers functionality around that.

  • Whitelabel

    Makomi, one of our best New York City-based clients (280+ listings) is a good example of our platform’s capabilities. Own domain, own logo, own colors. Feel free to check it out on

    Apparently, connections matter for Guesty as well, since they also have some great partnerships.


  • Marketplace

    No one can be the best in everything. No one can build everything. It’s unrealistic to expect this from anybody. That’s why we have an abundant and lively Marketplace of 3rd party applications, services, and offerings.

    Guesty also offers Integrations Marketplace.

  • API. Developers

    Both FantasticStay and Guesty are developer-friendly. We have Public API and Guesty have the same one. In all fairness, we didn’t bother to investigate what’s available on theirs. Our API has everything you will ever see in our User Interface.

    Nevertheless, this feature requires any of our Premium plans which are available here.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • Simona Gfor FantasticStay

    FantasticStay is a constantly developing user friendly platform that helps property managers all over the world to grow their business hassle free. The team is friendly and always there to help when needed.

  • Jason Joufor FantasticStay

    Having a partner like FantasticStay that has created a solution that matches our business needs has transformed the way we work. Before we would have to work around tools to do what we need, and now we are able to focus on executing our business. This has created the ability for us to be more efficient and get the information we need to execute our vision.

  • Javed Afor FantasticStay

    Been using the system for almost a year, Dimitar has been very helpful and proactive to help me understand the system better. Very happy with the service *****.

  • Jackfor FantasticStay

    Great product, features & support for a fraction of the price of competitors. Absolutely love the integration with Asana - this is a real bonus for us.

    This is our third channel manager and hopefully our last! Really happy with these guys and would definitely recommend to anyone.

  • AM Adjeifor FantasticStay

    I’ve used a few channel managers so far and this is the best I’ve found. I have found the guys to be responsive at adding new features and listening to what features I require. There are still some things that need ironing out and developing, but on the whole this is the best solution I have found. They are just introducing me to a flat rate payment option which should create savings for us which is a good thing :) Ivan and the team are very friendly and amenable and aim to please and sort things out as quickly as they can. They also put up with my constant questions and Improvement suggestions. The recent link with Zapier (although currently in Beta version) as it means we can link with other apps making life more simple (Google spreadsheets, Podio, etc). Especially pleased we can now link to Xero our accounting software via Zapier as well to create invoices and other payment options. This really will be a game changer. Thanks fs, keep up the good work 😊

  • Dylan Robinsonfor FantasticStay

    I currently manage 26 listings and am adding listings quickly. I needed a PMS that had a robust set of features that our company could scale with. After spending many hours researching different options, I believe I’ve found that with FantasticStay. Also, I refuse to give a percentage of my revenue to any software company so FantasticStay’s flat monthly rate works great for us. It is much more affordable than my previous software (Hostaway) and offers many more features. I’ve been using the software for the last nine months and am excited to continue as our company grows.

    Also I noticed on a previous review that someone said “But if you're in the US and you charge a base rate for the room and add the local taxes on top, then forget this software, it doesn't support that kind of billing.... The tax fields are missing! And they cannot be configured by listing”.

    If this was accurate at the time of the review, it no longer is. I live in the US and add taxes on top of the nightly rate.

TrustScore 4.8