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Get your life back.

We offer 24/7 Guest Communication Service, along with Full Service,
Start to Finish vacation rental Online Management.
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We want to make it easier to be an Airbnb host.

Be more profitable

Boost your earning with increased reservations, higher revenue, less hassle and less time invested.

Boost Airbnb ranking

We have experience with short term rental ranking around the world and are here to maximize your business.

Reduce stress and free time

Enjoy peace of mind that your guests will be supported around the clock by an experienced, professional and affordable team.

Our services will work for you.

We are always online for your guests. 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Fantastic Market

We analyze the market
and take care of your pricing,
baring in mind your financial targets

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Fantastic Calendar

We synchronize your calendar across all platforms and do on-going management in order to meet your targets

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Fantastic PMS

We offer powerful and modern Property Management Software.

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Fantastic Reservations

We screen your guests comparing them with a detailed screening checklist and
handle inquiries and booking requests

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Fantastic Communication

We are answering all your guests questions,
over platform messaging, texts, email and even phone.

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Fantastic SEO

Just like Airbnb, we support 29 languages. Our team will respond in any language a message is received.

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Fantastic Synchronization
We are coordinating check-ins, check-outs and cleaning. If needed we can coordinate even maintenance jobs.

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Fantastic Reviews

Couple days after checkout we craft a fully personalized review, so you will never need to write another review again!

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Fantastic Reporting

Complete P&L of your listing. We will provide you with detailed online reports including occupancy rates, avg. night rates, average response time and much more.

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Impress your guests, while you sleep.

The most common reply after a message sent by us is Thanks.

A complete game changer

“I have been able to leave all my online routines with FantasticStay. My response speed has improved dramatically, my calendar is updated every day and I am very happy with the new level of income I am achieving with FS! Especially given that I am hands off - their service is worth every penny!”


— Bernie,
Airbnb host in Boston, USA

Life changing service

“As a property manager with over 50 listing, keeping on top of guest communication is one of the critical tasks for our business. Also, managing prices and constantly checking the market and competition proofed to be very difficult with so many listings. FantasticStay has transformed what was previously an incredibly time-consuming activity to one that takes care of itself. They also helped to achieve higher revenue! A life changing service!”


— Lotus Apartments Venice,
Airbnb hosts in Venice, Italy

Perfect solution

“As a Superhost in Punta Cana, I was looking for a solution to respond to my guests during the night, and of course improve my response time. FantasticStay is perfect for hosts who are looking for a quick and easy solution to their needs.”


— Vasiliy,
Airbnb Superhost in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Fantastic service

"When I started my property management and hosting business, I very soon realized that communication is one of the hardest tasks to keep up while hosting. On the same time, it is critical if you want to keep guests happy and well informed. FantasticStay has helped me so much to step a little back from the day-to-day online management and better organize my hosting service. They offer a fantastic customer service and they develop amazing new features continuously!"


— Diana,
Airbnb host in London, UK

Outsourcing decision

"Having a small business operation, I did not want to spend countless hours managing my listings, synchronizing calendars and answering to my guests super promptly everyday. I've found FantasticStay's service and I decided to give it a try. At first I was a little bit nervous since this is essential to my hosting success. I proceeded with caution but FantasticStay delivered on their promises and now I am a long lasting client."


— Sibylle,
Airbnb host in Paris, France and London, UK

Guests are happier than ever

“As the founder of FantasticStay, I am also its' first user. I wanted to make sure that all my guests would have the most pleasant experience and obtain all the information needed to prepare and enjoy their stay, while reducing my involvement and removing any friction in the booking process. Since then, guests are happier than ever and always compliment my communication!”


— Ivan,
Airbnb host in London, UK and founder of FantasticStay

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer FREE Trial?

Yes, we are offering a Trial period for 14 days. You are not required to provide credit card during the Trial. Once, the Trial expires you will be prompted to provide us with valid payment method. If you do, your account will be converted to a Regular paying one and you will be charged for all the reservations we've managed and will manage for the future. The Fantastic Fee is applicable also for reservations we've managed during your Trial period.

Who will help me get started?

The FantasticStay App is offering a TRIAL period. You can easily sign up from here. An Account Manager from our side will get in touch with you to explain the ins and outs of FsApp's system for you. You’ll need to create an account, which we will integrate with your listings on Airbnb. Our on boarding team will then walk you through the account setup and connect your FsApp to all your booking channels. Finally, if you’ll still have questions at that stage, feel free to contact our support team. We are available for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who answers the listings inquiries and guest support issues?

A team of experienced receptionists will answer all inquiries and use a smart prioritization system to ensure that the questions are answered within less than 1 hour. For standard email templates, such as reminders for cleaning services or welcome messages to guests, we can implement an automatic messaging system to deliver what we call “hooks”.

Do you offer cleaning services?

No. We are offering online management, meaning we don't have any physical services like cleaning, checkins, checkouts and maintenance. Basically, you'll need to arrange someone to do the cleaning jobs, providing fresh bed linen, towels and basic cosmetics/toiletries. However, we are working with numerous partner companies that can do the cleanings for you. Contact us for more information.

Do you communicate with guests under my name?

If you would like us to respond in your name, that is possible. However, our default (and what most of our customers request) is to open up guest communication by introducing ourselves under our own names and then indicating that we help you (the host) with your rental. We find that if guests know you have a dedicated support team, they feel free to get in touch with questions or concerns at any time.

Are you available in my city?

FantasticStay services live in the cloud, which means we there is no city we can't operate in. Our receptionists service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.