The FantasticStay Story



It was 2 months after a cheerful Greek morning that Ivan sat foot in London for the first time to establish what is to be today a global property manager with 1,200+ units in 11 cities called

In 2016, FanstaticStay Owner & CEO Ivan Nikolov and his sister, Sibylle, made their first step on the path to property management business.

At that time, Sibylle was located in Paris and was struggling to bridge some financial gaps while climbing the ladder of becoming a successful corporate lawyer at Clifford Chance. She decided to experiment and list her incredible Parisian flat on the still-developing rental platform, Airbnb and very soon after, both were astonished by the results of her experiment and started thinking about creating a dedicated portfolio of rentals.

Back then, Ivan was having a record-breaking online and software business in Bulgaria, ranking him among the few entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe in Forbes’ “Bulgaria 30 Under 30” annual listing.



With Ivan’s FantasticPlace back-bone and experience with various software solutions for the vacation rental market they rushed to embody Ivan’s vision and thus giving birth to the very first version of FantasticStay in 2018.

  • First client with 100+ properties joined from London. Funny-enough, Bulgarians.
  • Attended VRMA Las Vegas and presented our product for the very first time in the United States
  • Scaled from 0 to 30,000 EUR MRR in 12 months, 1 month of marketing efforts and many technical struggles
  • Became Official Partner of



We are proud to say that on 19 January 2020 we are the first company in the vacation rental industry to release a fully FREE (and not baby) version of the professional set of tools and software solutions to every user, world-wide. This includes FULL channel management capabilities with 2-way official connections with the Big 4 (Airbnb,, VRBO/HomeAway, Expedia) for unlimited number of listings.

  • Ivan Dimitrov re-joins our executive team as CMO;
  • Adrian Hristov joins our executive team as COO/CFO;
  • Georgi Tunev joins our executive team as Chief Customer Support Officer;
  • Dimitar Gruev becomes Chief Success Officer;

Today, our client’s properties annual revenue is more than $350,000,000. We are stronger than ever. Together.

We are proven professionals with exceptional track-records. We are young, bold, full of energy, ambition and enthusiasm and we promise you many more surprises for 2020. Thanks for reading!



Ivan saw that their project was turning into a much bigger one that needed an efficient and professional setup of all basics, plus a top trained back office team to handle all requests.

Equipped with his extensive professional experience and excellent business contacts, Ivan took the next two years to optimize all processes and assemble a team of hospitality professionals to help him serve their guests. Implementing these changes and creating online in-house system enabled the steady growth of the business portfolio to more than 150 properties spread between London, Paris, and Rome! It was the sign that an in-house born solution holds the potential to become a global remedy, helping millions of Airbnb hosts around the world upscale further their business.

Ivan remained as sole investor & CEO of FantasticStay.

  • Vassil Terziev, personally, invests $350,000 in FS
  • Ivan Nikolov invests additional $1,000,000 in FS
  • Refactors all of our code base and isolate legacy code.
  • Became Official Partners of Airbnb;
  • Became Official Partners of VRBO/HomeAway family
  • Ivan Krastev (a dear friend and invaluable part of our team) becomes a shareholder in FS;
  • FantasticStay hits 50,000 EUR MRR;

Want to see FantasticStay in action?

* 24/7/365 support and account management available as an add-on.

** 24/7/365 guest communication service available as an add-on

*** some apps and integrations may be treated as add-on