Meet our team

Ivan Nikolov - Founder & CEO

Chief Product Officer

Ivan is the vision and inspiration of our Fantastic ideas. Serial entrepreneur with 5 ventures before his 30th’s (3 major exits), angel investor, geek, product, travel and real-estate lover. Ivan manages (Property manager with a portfolio of 1,200 rentals in 11 cities) and FantasticStay. Helps numerous property managers to optimise and scale their businesses, he even helped other software platforms to be born in our industry.

Milan Nankov

Chief Technical Officer

Milan helps FantasticStay being truly, technically Fantastic. Doer. Technical guru. Invaluable adviser and people enhancer. Milan has 20+ years experience in Development, being an integral part of the amazing Telerik adventure.

Ivan Dimitrov

Chief Marketing Officer

Ivan helps the world to understand there’s a Fantastic solution somewhere out there and it’s awaiting them for free. Obsessed with metrics, user behavior and armed with easy-going communication style he leads our Marketing & Communication efforts. Used to sell millions of home items every day, online.

Viktor Zahov

Head of User Experience

Simplicity is beauty. Viktor is behind the creative Fantastic team – our Products and Marketing efforts. First employee of Ivan N, 11 years ago. Obsessed with design, obsessed with efficiency, he has more than 10 years background in helping extremely popular websites, apps and services to delight the eye of their users –, ex co-founder of one of the biggest web agency in Bulgaria. Worked for brands like Hyundai, Progress software, Generali, AT&T and many others.

Ivan Krastev

Technical Team Lead

Ivan is Fantastic in the true sense of the word. Exceptional very detailed oriented professional with outstanding agility and efficiency. Shareholder.

Dimitar Gruev

Chief Success Officer

Dimitar was the 5th member ever of the Fantastic Team. People and communication lover. Always available to help and dedicated to our customer’s success. In order to understand all of our use cases and values Dimitar became a property manager in Varna, Bulgaria in 2019.

Georgi Tunev

Head of Customer Support

The Fantastic smiles we deliver can’t go by without Georgi. Funny, crazily people oriented person. Tried many roles but never settled until he found his calling helping other people using great products. George is the former head of Customer Support at the biggest Bulgarian IT (and Eastern-European) company Telerik, where he managed 40+ people Support team.

Adrian Hristov

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Adrian helps FantasticStay to reach and deploy fantastic financial and operational performance. Dedicated, innovative and details oriented professional bringing business ideas into financial results. Believes that business is about people and trust. Adrian is a finance and investment executive with a long history of experience in the field of corporate finance, investment management, establishing and strategic management of business operations, investor relations.

Vassil Terziev

Vasko is our mentor, our shining light in the moments of darkness. Vasko is our adviser. His role is to strengthen our team and vision, the body of our organization which is trying to carry the load of our crazy and very bold idea – to perfect and automate the lives of our Fantastic property manager customers.

+44 other employees. We are a 100% remote team.

We’ve got good vibes and experience from all over the globe.