How to setup efficient guest communication using a PMS?

Anticipate your guest needs, before they arrive with efficient guest communication and a little help from PMS automations.

“You had me at “Hello” is becoming the mandatory effect of guest communication for property managers. To achieve this, it doesn’t take that much of an effort, but rather a more insightful approach to the core essentials of communication.

What are the Essentials of Effective Communication? 

In any entity (academic, non-profit or even in a property management company) where active communication is involved, the mastering of several communication essentials is the key to its efficiency.


Fostering warm environment – Guests, especially newcomers, might initially feel uncomfortable communicating online. It’s up to a good host to be outgoing and positive and to encourage an informal, conversational style to break this ice. It is useful to address guests by name or by nicknames they provide and engage them in small talk to help them relate to you as a person.

Personal touch – Use any information you get from as early as the initial inquiry. If the guest says they’re going to Eiffel Tower on Monday, make a note to follow up and ask about it. This shows you’re listening – and that you care, and it will leave the guests with the impression that will turn in a positive review at the end of their stay.

Extra attention to any additional questions/issues – Showing that you’re human and not a robot in your guest communication will eventually take you ahead of the tough competition. If you reply fast to a bathroom situation and fix it first thing in the morning, you’ll show you’re ready to go the extra mile. And as far as Universe statistics show – what comes around, goes around, too!

24/7 availability – If you respond quickly to a nasty emergency situation where a guest is being locked outside the building at 2 a.m because someone glued their lockbox, you’ll inevitably earn their respect and most likely win him as a returning client. Nobody said it would be easy, but if you do it, it will be worth it.

How can PMS automation help you with these communication essentials?

As the property management business experiences the rapid effects of digital transformation, more and more professionals will need the help of PMS to automate their communication processes. Everyone offers automation of repetitive daily tasks, but few offer the flexibility and customization you might want to address the almighty communication essentials.

Fast and useful replies made possible – Supercharge your responsiveness to guest communications with saved replies conveniently stored within each Listing’s FAQ section. Do some of your FAQs apply to more than one listing?  No problem! You can assign FAQs to multiple Listings.


Keeping it personal – Keep the informal, conversational style and address guests by name, while you automate the process behind it and thus save time. Our Listing Management features allow you to create and store saved replies and access them directly from your Inbox! Make sure to follow up on guest communication especially when they share details like plans to go to the Eiffel Tower on Monday and ask how was it in just a few clicks as soon as you can.

Communicating tasks online, but offline too! – Our offline task management which works with Asana, allows you to call for maintenance or cleaning in no time directly from the chat box. Now you can easily assign any issues on-the-go and take the meaning of pleasant guest stay to another dimension. (add gif)

24/7 availability- We’ve seen thousands of reservations, so we know the questions guests ask the most. Complete our initial FAQ questionnaire, and let us handle the rest. With a dedicated team of former hospitality and property managers, expert communication is guaranteed!

To sum it all Up

All in all, establishing effective communication is an ongoing process, which needs constant attention and sometimes requires really fast and adequate reactions. It is an inseparable part of the daily hard knock life of property professionals and you might want to see it featured in your preferred PMS platform.

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