Powerful Reporting

Information is power. Don’t waste time on spreadsheets. FantasticStay is here to help you concentrate your time and energy on scaling. Take informed decisions tracking the most important KPIs of your business.


Powerful Reporting

Financial Reporting and KPIs

Keep track of the most important KPIs on a portfolio level. Instantly compare your performance vs targets. Filter by dates, channels, listings, cities and listing tags.

Financial Reporting and KPIs

Occupancy rates

Average nightly rates

Cash flows

Potential Revenues

Revenue by channels

Revenue by type

Average booking days in advance

Average Reservation lenght

Average Reservation value

Average Guest count



Financial reporting on a Listing level

Financial reporting on a Listing level

All metrics are also available on a Listing level

In-depth analysis of a particular property is available in your fingertips. Even if you advertise it on multiple channels and with multiple Listings on the same channel.

Setup your pricing correctly

How much revenue can your Listing generate with 100% occupancy with your current pricing setup? Potential Revenue shows you exactly that. What should your remaining nights rate be to achieve your financial goals for the month? The Daily Target metric is here to help. FantasticStay aims to help you earn more, directly from your Calendar.

Financial reporting on a Listing level
Multi account access

Homeowners, Investors and Shareholders

Grant access to any Listings’ powerful Reporting to your Homeowners, Investors or Shareholders. Adjust the permissions to each user separately.

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