We let you take care of your guests,
while we deal with the formalities.

About FantasticStay

FantasticStay is the revolutionary vacation rental and property management software, offering the most comprehensive and innovative rental management services. We update our product daily and strive to continually bring you the newest and best features.

We help estate management with ground-breaking solutions to routine communication, and multitasking necessities for sales, services, and marketing, as well as fully-automated support for critical offline tasks (Asana app), listing management, and reporting.

Our Mission

We believe that good and valuable services are born from understanding the client’s needs, while revolutionary ones come from first-hand experience with each client’s challenges.

The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

– Lao Tzu

The FantasticStay Story

We started out small in 2013, taking many steps to discover solutions and build technology that
would allow us to power our own 600+ listings.


Skill is one thing. Imagination is another! Being Fantastic is what we’ve all gathered for!
Ivan Nikolov
CEO & Founder
Ivan Dimitrov
Boian Kalchev


Want to help us build the most revolutionary vacation rental products in the world?
We make property management software solutions become Fantastic.
This requires nothing less than the bravest, craziest, smartest, caffeinated, forward-thinking innovators!
Does that sound like you?
If so, come join us!